Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easy Recipe and Molly Anne

Well, Molly Anne is better and hasn't had a fever since Monday afternoon when it spiked really high.  So far no other symptoms so my fingers are crossed.  We had a nice day playing at home again yesterday while I tried to work at the same time.  Always exciting.  She likes spreading out her blankys and jumping from one to another!  

Of course Molly Anne moves for one second and the king lays right on them!

My parents sent her a tic tac toe game and we played that on repeat the last two days.  But she put this O on her ring finger and said, "just like your ring mama!"  I sent that to Kevin haha.  We have a lot more time before you'll have a ring on that finger missy!

An easy recipe that I got from Tess.  We used pita bread on Monday night but I could do without and have it in a bowl like I did yesterday with the leftovers for lunch.  Easy and healthy!

She has a little egg hunt at Ms. Becky's today!  And because I couldn't pick just one, here are a few pictures of her!  Happy hump day!


  1. So adorable! I’m glad Molly Anne is feeling better! I’ll also have to try that recipe out!

  2. So glad you guys likes the Greek Pitas. They've become one of our staples - and so fresh for summer. Happy Easter! xo