Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekend Round Up

We had a super low key weekend and it was really necessary.  Sometimes during the work week I feel like the three of us never get to see each other so it's nice to be able to hang and go out to dinner together. 

Friday afternoon we took the wagon to the playground to play with some friends!  This one had a low pony with a bow and goodness she looked like she was 4!

After Molly Anne went to bed, we had Postmates deliver 18 Sushi which is a new to us place but some friends were telling me how good it was!  I will say, it was really good!  We will be ordering from there again soon!

Mills was smelling the soy sauce and tipped it over on our coffee table so he spent about 10 minutes licking that area after I had cleaned it up.  

Saturday morning Molly Anne had soccer and then we just hung at home afterwards.  She didn't sleep during her nap ugh.  Around 2:30 I got her up after she had been in there for two hours.  We did playdoh outside on the back porch.  

The three of us went to Pacos Tacos for dinner then walked over to see the fountain afterwards!  Molly Anne loved the guac and her cheeseburger...quite the Mexican dinner ha!  

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at a new to us place that Kevin wanted to try and then we all went to Fresh Market to get some meals for the week.  We didn't need many basics so Fresh Market was good because we got ready made meals so I have an easier week in the cooking department.  

Millsy got his first bath at our new house.  He was so embarrassed because I have to bathe him out front on the driveway and he didn't want anyone driving by to see him! ;)  At our old house he got bathed on the back patio and he only had to worry about his three golden friends!  A nap was in order afterwards!

Molly Anne woke up Sunday morning asking for a Popsicle which was random since she hasn't had one since last summer.  I told her if she took a good nap then she could have one.  And she did so she picked grape to have out on the porch!  She was SO happy!  If my child doesn't sleep she isn't a normal person.  She is SO good when she sleeps!  But I guess, aren't we all?

We had a little Frozen dance party!

She loved on her Mills.

We decorated for Easter and I also hung our two Dubose pictures that I had framed of Molly Anne.  I got them back on Friday and they are so precious!  I wanted them in a place that was visible and that we see a lot and our family room was the perfect spot!

I bought this table runner last year but they have it again this year and I think it is the cutest ever (on sale and free shipping today!).  I have a super cool and fancy lantern that good friends of ours gave us as a house warming gift that I will put on top of it but I wanted to be sure my little friend doesn't try to pull this off first!

Last night we split a good bottle of red wine, Kevin built a fire and he grilled filet for dinner.  I literally sat in my pajamas on my toosh in front of the fire, even let Molly Anne watch my phone and I pet Mills.  It was GLORIOUS.  

We put the TV on, had some music on, fire was going, it was so nice.

Molly Anne gobbled her steak right up!  We had baked potatoes and broccoli with it.  Easy Sunday night dinner.   

Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. What a fun and relaxing weekend! And yay for a little red wine!😉