Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ten Random Ramblings

Thank you for your extra kind comments yesterday!  They certainly outweigh the bad comments I get every now and then!  Yall are the best!  Here are some random ramblings:

1.  This week when Molly Anne has been saying grace for dinner she adds on to the end and Thank you for my Mama!  I basically melt into a million pieces.  Kevin says I'll be on the front row of church every Sunday now, haha!  

2.  Also, I guess she's gotten used to me saying, "Mama loves you" as I put her in bed every night because now before I can say it to her she says, "I love you too!"  PRECIOUSNESS.

3.  She's doing really well in her big girl bed.  Still hasn't tried to get out.  My fingers and toes are crossed that this continues.  She loves it!  I did have to remove a bunch of her animals after she lined them all up along her bed.  Bed time = bedtime, not playtime!

4.  We have a busy weekend coming up and I get to go to a wedding shower!  I haven't been to a non-baby shower in awhile so I'm really looking forward to this!  Plus it's a friend from work that I haven't seen since she left in the Fall!

5.  Shutterbugs got me again this week for clothes for Molly Anne!  How adorable are these tops?

6.  I also ordered her a bunch of blank shirts and a couple dresses from Blanks Boutique - my favorite blanks place online.  Their stuff is quality and lasts!  I don't like paying the shipping but it's still reasonable given the timely shipping and how well the things hold up.  Christine - get ready!  After this bunch of stuff, she should be good for clothes this summer!  Like I'll be able to hold off and not get her anything else....HA, yeah right!

7.  A little humble brag on Kevin.  He won agent of the year for North Carolina and was first in the state for year 2017!  This puts him in the top half percent of agents nationwide.  Last year was a very busy year for us with the house and his work but I'm more than proud of him.  

8.  Another little Kevin tidbit - one of his offices is going to be demolished and the land around it is going to be redeveloped.  His landlord is selling it all off.  He's always wanted to own the office building he is in and an opportunity down the street opened up so Kevin (we!) are buying an office condo that is being constructed now.  We designed the space plan last Fall and we picked paint, carpet and tile a few weeks ago.  He moves in soon!  Ya know, we needed another project in our life!  Picking that stuff for an office was a breeze after doing our house!

9.  Have I mentioned that our back porch slate is having to get ripped out?  It doesn't drain properly and we have a lot of puddling all over it and the water sits for days.  Not good. 

10.  I'm super busy at work right now and I even went to my office three days in a row this week, record!  I love going there, makes me feel on track at work and in personal life!


  1. MA is so seeet. I forgot how much I love this age. Graham loves to say “I love you” and it’s the sweetest little voice. Can’t beiieve that about your porch. Ugh so annoying. But better to have it done right!

  2. Congratulations Kevin! That is awesome!

  3. That's awesome about Kevin! Hard work pays off...for both of you! Ha. I DESPISE all wedding an baby showers, always have and so does my mom! Glad you are looking forward to it, I would be DREADING it.

  4. Congrats to you and Kevin!!! I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post - but I hope you keep blogging! I think it’s rare to find a blog of another working Mom, and it makes me feel less crazy for my long hours and the work/life balance!

  5. Ahhh, thanks for sharing the Blanks Boutique site....I’ve been waiting for that! Does your local monogram girl take orders?? Would love to find someone good in our area here!

  6. Aww! I love how sweet Molly Anne is! Melts your heart, doesn’t it?! Also congratulations to you and Kevin!

  7. HUGE congrats to Kevin! That's awesome!
    And how exciting for y'all about the office space!
    Conner prays the sweetest prayers, too. Raising them right! :)
    So sorry about the tile! But - at least it will be fixed - hopefully for good!