Monday, March 12, 2018


I really don't have much to report from the weekend other than lunch with my friend Fran on Friday, Maggie's birthday party and hanging with neighbors.  It was honestly nice to not do much.  We've gotten to the point where we just want to be home on the weekends.  Molly Anne is happy to actually stay home and get to play with her toys because she doesn't really get to during the week.  She likes being home and so do we so that's what we're going with these days.  

Fran and I met for lunch on Friday at Crisp.  We love catching up.  We used to work together at our first jobs out of college in 2005 and 2006!  She is a civil engineer too so we like talking work stuff and she has a daughter that is one month younger than Molly Anne!

Saturday morning I went to the Weddington UMC consignment sale and got Molly Anne a smocked princess dress that looks like it was never worn for $15 and a radio flyer tricycle for $5!  

That afternoon, we went to Maggie's 4th birthday party at Bounce U!  It was so cute and Molly Anne had a blast!

Trolls themed!

This one needed help one time getting to the top of the extra tall bounce thing then did it herself.   This child has zero fear!  Scary but I'm glad she likes doing new stuff!

She had a piece of pizza, cupcake and lemonade.  A child's dream meal ha! 

Saturday night we hung with our neighbors on our back porch.  We had a fire and watched basketball.  There was a 16 year old birthday party with a DJ outside two doors down so that was entertaining.  I'm sure all the kids thought they were playing oldies songs but we knew them all ha!  

Mills got a lot of attention of course but by 1am, he couldn't hold his heavy head up anymore.  Staying up that late was probably not our best idea considering the Spring Forward time change but oh well.  We had fun.  Ate pizza at 12:30am, ya know, smart decisions!  

This picture was actually from one day last week after work.  I just think it's the cutest ever.  

We didn't leave the house at all yesterday and it was very necessary!  Back to the grind today my friends.  It's a rainy day in Charlotte yuck!  


  1. What a fun and relaxing weekend! We are homebodies, so time at home seems like the perfect weekend to me! Love that picture of MA and Kevin! So sweet!

  2. That pic of MA and Kevin is so freaking cute!!!

  3. That snuggle picture is a framer!