Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Outside

Good morning and happy Monday!  We were outside ALL weekend and it was so nice! 

Friday night we played outside with our neighbors and we ended up grilling out with them too.  The girls play together so well so it's just easy!  

Mills and I watched TV together that night ha!  He is a mess.

Saturday morning we cuddled and watched a couple cartoons then she had soccer.  She had a great soccer practice even in the rain but it was definitely her best performance.  She really listened well and did everything Coach Shana asked!

After soccer, I came home, quickly changed and went to a wedding shower for my friend Nicole!  It was at her house and she just built it last year so I loved getting to see it finished!  It was awesome!  We loved celebrating her and it was fun seeing some work friends that have since left the company!

After the shower I had another quick turnaround.  Kevin had taken Molly Anne to his parents so we met at the house and we went to the St. Patty's festival in downtown Waxhaw.  It was at the new Irish pub and they had a huge tent set up outside.  They had a cool band, Irish dancers and food trucks.  I didn't feel the greatest but it was still nice to be outside.  

We got our Molly Anne and played outside some more.  Our neighbors were outside too so the girls played and played.  We put them to bed then stayed out by the fire hanging out.  We didn't do a repeat of 1am like last weekend, it was like 11pm this time haha!  We just have too much fun!  

Yesterday morning we went to the playground with Gigi and Mary Scott!  The girls ran wild and had so much fun!  It was a gorgeous day!

This boy was hungover from too much beer on Saturday night.  He loves when we have people over because they play with him and give him ALL the attention!  

Molly Anne has just loved having a couple new babies at Becky's so she likes to take care of her Bitty Baby and her other animals at home.  She tucked Unicorn in but then decided she needed her own pillow so she went all the way upstairs to get her special pillow for Unicorn to lay on.  

After nap we went to the store to get groceries then came home and took a wagon ride for some spring pictures that I'll share on Wednesday!  

These two played outside while I fixed dinner and that was so funny to watch them play together.  She kept throwing his ball for him and he'd run after it.  She would follow him everywhere and watch his every move.  Two peas in a pod. 

Kevin had made us some spaghetti sauce so we had that over some whole wheat noodles.  I had mine over riced cauliflower too and it was good.  Molly Anne and I had some broccoli on the side.  

Hope everyone has a good week!  I'll be on the road this week in a couple different places but I'll still have posts for you I hope!


  1. Thank goodness for these lovely Spring weekends! We were outside every chance we got too! Hope you're feeling better this Monday morning. xo

  2. What a nice weekend! I’m so ready for spring! I hope you’re feeling better.