Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Soccer and Egg Hunt

Friday I got to have lunch with a sorority sister that I hadn't seen in forever!  

Saturday morning Molly Anne had soccer and Kevin moved his offices!

My Dad said she looks a lot like me in this picture ;)

She has really done a lot better at soccer these last couple of weeks!

They love playing out back together.  She will throw the ball for him and they'll both run after it and all over the place!

Post nap time chill time.  

Saturday night we got sushi carryout for dinner and just hung at home.  

Sunday was the egg hunt at our neighborhood clubhouse!

Three girlies waiting for them to say GO!

And this one sprinted so quickly onto the field that I couldn't keep up with her to take a picture from the front!

Then the older children played some relay games while the younger ones just ran all over the field!

Emme and Molly Anne

Then we went into the clubhouse and did a couple of crafts that were adorable!  I can't get all of the pictures to transfer off my camera so I don't have them all.  Molly Anne has called herself "Princess Molly Anne" since she has worn this headband!

Monday morning at 2:30am, she woke up with a fever so yesterday and today we are just hanging out and trying to get that under control.  I think she's already on the mend and hasn't had a fever since midday yesterday (it was 103.2 which scared me!).  I really can deal with most things, but not fevers!  

Mills of course hasn't left her side!

My parents put together the cutest and biggest Easter box and sent it to her and she got it yesterday which was amazing timing ha!  She LOVED opening all of her goodies and has been playing with everything constantly since then!  Mom put several books in there, a couple crafts, the pink bunny, a couple games, puzzles, a Frozen apron and spatula.  Creative former teacher who thinks of everything for every holiday! :)

Introducing her bunnies!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. I hope she’s feeling better soon! The care package from your parents sounds like a fun distraction! Yay for a fun soccer season and egg hunt too!

  2. That picture of the girls holding hands at the egg hunt is so stinking cute.