Friday, March 16, 2018

Five on Friday - Pottery Barn Lilly!, Tricycle, Gifts

First things first!  The Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn collection with Lilly Pulitzer.  Oh my!  I happened to be up at 4am this morning and scoped it all out!  Who is getting anything?  I may get a coverlet for Molly Anne and some sheets for the spare room.  I'm eyeing a couple accent tables from Pottery Barn.  We'll see!  Reminds me of the old days when they had sheet sets!  Shop the Pottery Barn Kids Collection here and the Pottery Barn collection here!

Almost every day this week after I get Molly Anne, we have been playing outside.  She has loved this $5 tricycle I got at the consignment sale last week and cleaned up!

A little gift I put together for our neighbor who is a girly girl and turned 4 this week!  Remember Caboodles?!

I filled the Caboodle with some girly treats - princess nail polish, Frozen lip gloss and hair tools.  I'll leave it to the parents to give makeup! ;)  She even got a fancy vanity for her birthday which I didn't know about prior to getting this for her so it worked out perfectly!

My Mom was asking me for help on a wedding gift she needs to give soon and the bride isn't registered anywhere.  I think Pottery Barn is a good go-to for something like this because they have nice, timeless pieces and can be returned if the recipient doesn't love the gift. (PS Pottery Barn has no clue who I am, they didn't tell me to write this post!)

This lamp is classic and would look gorgeous in any room of the house.  

We received a few of these Park Hill lanterns for our wedding five years ago and still use them!  They can be used inside or outside and are versatile!  

This is a great shower gift for someone who has it all.  You can't go wrong with the marble pewter combo!  


I do not know how to buy boy gifts.  I have six nieces/girl cousins and only one boy nephew/cousin!  Anytime I have to buy a boy gift I either ask a friend with boys what to get or search Amazon, in this case, Amazon.  This was for a two year old boy that Molly Anne goes to Ms. Becky's with.  He has two older brothers so I thought they probably had everything.  This V-tech tool box looked different and maybe educational. His Mom said they don't have anything like this so I hope he likes it!   

I told you all I'd report back in about the Egg Decorator!  This thing is legit and no clean up like dying eggs!  Molly Anne loves it.  Probably the easiest gadget/toy we've used or put together.  Kevin said he hopes I didn't spend much on it because it is kind of a piece of plastic but it works and is very cool!  It is $30 on Amazon Prime.  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Have to admit, not a huge fan of the Lilly collection. Maybe if I had a beach house? But also just looked quickly! Have to do another spin around the site.

  2. Oh my. Seeing the new Pottery Barn Lilly stuff is making me want to redecorate my daughter's room! I love it!