Friday, March 2, 2018

Paint, Suitcase and Molly Anne

Last night I went to a paint night in our new neighborhood.  It was so much fun and this is the gal that put it on.  She does a lot of acrylic painting and instructed us on how to do this.  We made a coaster and a canvas!  It was nice to meet some new people!

This was mine.  I'll probably hang it in a bathroom or my craft room.  You can see the coaster beside it.  

Margot getting hers perfect.  

My friend was looking for some new luggage and I sent her this picture courtesy of the airport floor.  My parents gave me this new suitcase two Christmas's ago and I have loved it.  I used my old LL Bean luggage (and still do) for about 13 years of traveling so it was time I got a new one.  This one is definitely smaller than a typical carry on but is perfect for one or two overnights.  It keeps your clothes organized and is expandable.  It's really the best and as you can tell from my other luggage, LL Bean bags stand the test of time and a lot of miles!  Highly recommend!  I like the pink monogram so the guys don't take my bag ;)

In other news, my girl was excited to go to Becky's this morning!  She woke up singing Let It Go in her bed.  She has done a really nice job in her transition to a big girl bed.  She hasn't gotten out of it and still waits for us to come get her every morning.  That first week she was in the bed, I was pretty prompt getting to her so she would know she needed to stay in there.  Now, I let her sing and play for a little bit before going in.  She is growing right up!  

I asked her about something yesterday on the way home and she said, "I'm so happy!"  I said that's great Molly Anne and she said, "yes I 'sho am!"  It was preciousness.  

Her shirt is Luigi Kids, similar pants here and shoes here.  I get all of her shoes on Amazon these days.  The free returns are too easy to swap sizes. 

When I picked her up, she was using fancy scissors to cut some paper and she asked me if I was impressed with her work.  Haha.  I think she got the word impressed when I told her last weekend I wasn't impressed with her not napping.  They pick up on every detail and this child doesn't forget A THING!  A month or so ago I told her something was was a safety thing...probably about playing on the stairs.  Now she likes to say things are non-negotiable!!!

Happy first weekend in March!


  1. Love how you were not impressed with her nap. That is totally something I would say...Have a great weekend!

  2. Lol! They are such sponges! Have a fun weekend!