Tuesday, March 13, 2018

House Update - Things are Hanging!

I know I haven't really done a house tour since we have moved in and honestly it's not because things aren't perfect.  It's just because I haven't done it!  As you'll see in these pictures, we still have A LOT of things to do - wall space to fill, furniture to buy and curtains to find.  I of course want it all done yesterday but that's not really what makes a house a home right?  It's much more fun to find pieces as we go and then it will all come together eventually.  Here are some sneak peaks but they're really of things we've had hung.  I'll try to identify where I got what in case you're interested. 

I ended up choosing these fish hooks for our mudroom and we love how they look.  We used anchors since they go into the dry wall and each one has two anchors so therefore each hook will hold 100 pounds.  Check.  Now we need to clean the top and bottom cubbies out, remove the coat rack and clean the place up!   

Also in our mudroom, I got this knob to hang this cool fish that I got at Pottery Barn a few years ago!  

Sorry the lighting is terrible in some of these pictures.  We didn't do fans with light packages and I have sorta regretted that for practicality reasons!  

This mirror was a special wedding gift from one of my parent's best friends.  Their son made it!

We hung these wedding pictures in the hallway upstairs.

This is the bathroom upstairs that isn't used at the time. 

I got these prints at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago.  

A lady from a mom's FB group paints these dog pictures.  I sorta think Mills looks sad in this picture so we aren't obsessed with it but it's cute for the laundry room.  It should be hung lower oops.  

Our bathroom.  Just a little crab print!  

Molly Anne's bows are finally hung.  I haven't found any other wall art or curtains that I like for her room yet.  I got this knob to hang the bows - isn't it so cute?!  Bow holder from Etsy.  

Love love love it.  Matches her room perfectly.  

This is awful lighting but this painting is by a friend of mine that I grew up with.  Put it in Molly Anne's bathroom. 

Found this at Home Goods.  

I'm kinda leaning towards not putting anything on our mantle.  Right now I have a little bunny up there for Easter but I like it simple.  It shows the pretty trim we had done and doesn't take away from the bookshelves.  We'll see.  Yes, my bookshelves need help!

Curtain rod is up in the dining room but I don't have curtains yet.  I want to get them made by my friend Ashley of Martha & Ash.  Maybe in the next couple of months we can do that.  They will be special.  

That's all I've got for now!  Would you all be interested in a post fully about paint colors?  Anything else you want to see about our house? 


  1. Loved this little tour and I LOVE the anchors in your mud room, they’re cute and practical....great find

  2. Everything looks great! You have more hung in your new house than we do haha! You might consider Hobby Lobby for Molly Anne's room. They have a ton of cute wall decor and I'm sure you can find something in that color scheme.

  3. You have a beautiful house.

    Does your ceiling fans have a housing assembly? If they do it's really simple to add a light kit to them.

  4. I personally love that you're sharing the house in bits and pieces - it's such a little treat as a reader when I see that you've posted something new! Loving all of your choices for the walls and think it's great that you're thinking things through before pulling the trigger - that's my one tip as you begin to fill your built-ins!

    When we moved into our house, my first impulse was to FILL THE BOOKSHELVES with stuff and that's just what it was... stuff! Aside from a few pictures and keepsakes, the shelves were loaded down with HomeGoods finds. They started to feel super cluttered so I cleared everything off one day and thought through what I had that really clicked with us and only put those things up (including hardcover books that Brian and I have read and loved because I avoided books the first time around). Now I love what I see and when I find something special that I know will be perfect for the space, I'm happy to buy it :)

  5. I love all the hooks and pictures! MA’s room hook is perfect too. I also agree with yo on taking your time. Your home is gorgeous!!!

  6. Those hooks are great. And curtains are such a pain. They are so necessary, but not that fun to buy and so expensive!

  7. Thank you for the house tour. Beautiful. Who does the painting of Mills?

  8. I love the hooks. Do you feel like they are strong enough to hold towels by our pool?