Tuesday, March 20, 2018


When I saw these pajamas on the Vineyard Vines website, I ordered them right away.  They have flamingos, whales and palm trees on them!  Molly Anne loved modeling for pictures after her nap on Sunday (if you can't tell by the below pictures)!  I got her a 4T because I do think VV runs a little small, plus I like her having room to grow into things. 

I love this picture!  


  1. So cute and MA looks so happy in them!

  2. ADORBS!!!!!! My son likes flamingos, too. He likes to pretend to be one by standing on one leg. Ha. Anyway, I found this slightly-older library book that we have to read nightly - it's called Sylvie. If MA's into flamingos, y'all may want to check it out (from the library, that is).