Wednesday, March 7, 2018

House Update - Three Rooms Need Lights

I literally cannot even believe the title to this blog post and that I really have to pick out three more things.  OVER it does not begin to describe what it was like to pick out every detail of our house.  Thankful for the experience, YES.  But after two years of every detail, DONE!

I was so zapped in December that I literally could not pick out the last three lights.  I had looked and looked and hadn't found anything we liked so I just said heck with it and we'll deal with them later.  So right now we have a plain light bulb in three areas:

My getting ready area
Powder Room

So here's the deal and some thoughts!  We don't have one flushmount light in our house because honestly I really don't like them and I think cans are so much nicer, especially for hallways.  But, these three areas are tricky and I may have to break my rule and do some flushmounts (not the boob ones - yall know what I'm talking about!).  

First, my getting ready area.  This is between our bedroom/bathroom and our closets.  It is pretty much my space and can be girly.  I have the three vanity light above the mirror that you see below and that is dim-able.  That light by itself is plenty of light in the room to put make up on etc.  I have a girly faucet and a glass sink that is so pretty...I'll have to take a better picture of that beauty because I love it.  ANYWAY, what ceiling light should I put in here?  It's a relatively small space...5.5' x 7'.  So I need about a 12-13" wide light fixture.  

Here are two that I'm considering:

1.  Clarissa Small Chandelier - we have the large version (different shape) in our dining room and it is really elegant.  I wouldn't mind the mixed metals with our chrome drawer pulls and chrome faucet.  

2.  The Enya flushmount.  This just came out.  They have the enya seaglass large chandelier that you all knew I was obsessed with that we couldn't find a spot for.  I would LOVE to have a little beachy seaglass in my area!  

Second area - the bar!  I'm standing in our family room/kitchen taking this picture and the door casing that you see is the dining room.  The actual door that you see is the door to our AV closet under the stairwell.  I opened that door because you can see it could conflict with a longer hanging light.  It looks like we have a dome in this area already but it's actually just a lightbulb.  

We bought this light in polished nickel with mercury glass around the bulb, not plain glass as shown.  The polished nickel matches our faucet and our hammered sink is nickel.  We wanted to stay pretty neutral and nothing wild because we have some statement lighting in the kitchen and in the dining room so since this is right in the middle, we needed simple.  Thoughts?

Third, the hardest room - powder room.  This is what I'm working with in there.  The space is small - 4'x7'.  The sconces and faucet are polished nickel.  The mirror (Amazon!) is a silver champagne color.  It's pretty.  We need a nice ceiling light in here but nothing that will overpower the prettiness that we've already got going on.  Any thoughts?  I've had a shop that I've used for some design stuff give me a couple options and I didn't love them.  

Would love your thoughts and opinions! 

Mills would too! ;)


  1. First, love your blog and LOVE your house. I love the light for the bar area! Definitely go with that. For your dressing area, go with the flush mount sea glass! Thanks for showing me that, we have a summer house and that’s perfect for our house. Now I know with the powder room you don’t want the light To compete with what is there and I understand, but the light is hanging from ceiling, so shouldn’t matter. For this I’d go with the other option for your dressing area. I think it would enhance what’s there. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  2. So, why do you need a ceiling light in the half bath? Looks like there is plenty of light it's not like you're putting on make up in there, right? And love the seaglass for your getting ready area.

  3. Yes~ Love the beachgrass/ seaglass one for your area! Beautiful & a treat everyday when you use it. For the bar area, something a little older... like a piece with metal in it or one more masculine with more define character would be neat for the space. I keep envisioning a New Orleans style outside lamp (the gas kind) even! Southern Living had some neat bar areas like that in a house hand-me down redo a few issues back (Jan/ March?)

  4. Love the color scheme you chose. Looks light, airy, modern, and like walking into a fancy hotel

  5. Both of those chandeliers for your space are gorgeous, but I like the sea glass one a bit more because it feels so unique! I can't wait to see what you pick for the three areas!

  6. Do the flushmount in your getting ready area. And I would do a flushmount in the bathroom too. There are some cool ones out there that are not the boob 😂😂. I’ll look and send you some ideas!

  7. Your sink area is SO pretty--love it and the rest of the house! I have the Clarissa glass drop flushmount (not the chandelier) in my bathroom, and I LOVE it. My bathroom is the same cararra marble that you have in your sink area, and it looks beautiful with this light fixture. The crystals throw around light in a very pretty way, and makes the space seem very romantic. I would say, however, that it is NOT a very bright light. I have two other PB sconces in my bathroom that provide the majority of light, and I rely on the flushmount to provide softer light when I use the bathroom at night. Good luck choosing--whatever you do, I'm sure it will be beautiful! (PS: I'm a long-time reader--probably since 2010 or earlier?--and love your blog!)