Monday, June 5, 2023

End of Season Tee Ball

Grady had his last tee ball game of the season on Saturday so we hosted the end of season party for the team on Saturday afternoon!

Hydrangeas from our yard! These plants are all right next to each other on the side of the house and they’re all different colors. Amazing!

He had some great hits. He really improved this season and he really likes the sport. That’s always a good thing! Nannie and Poppa enjoyed FaceTiming in for pieces of most very game. The cons of living so far away but the pros of FaceTime!

Coach Justin giving out their medals and Molly Anne handing out the Big League Chew!

My friend Kate and her family stayed longer and we ended up at Hilary’s pool next door. The kids had a fabulous time!

 Mills growled and barked at the water moving and the pool noodle. He never barks so this was extra funny!

These four don’t even know how good they have it!

Sunday morning chilling and getting our act together for the week! Molly Anne had a birthday party to go to. 

Over the last week I’ve whipped up two end of year teacher gifts, three graduation gifts and two birthday gifts. Yippee busy but fun time of year! 

Cheers friends!

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