Monday, June 26, 2023

Weekend in OIB

Smelling the salt air on a Friday!

We headed down to the beach after swim practice on Friday morning. Got in town just in time for dinner and the concert. Band of Oz was playing. 

Grady's never seen a dance floor he didn't want to be on! Found him up here a couple of times by himself. 

Jim and I. We always see him down at the beach and we've gotten to be friends. His wife passed last year after a tough battle. He's just a nice guy. Mr. Charlie took our picture. 

Everyone came to our house after the concert and hung out. 

Used Kevin's new Solo Stove the mesa on the deck. Mom and dad gave that to him for fathers days. 

Saturday morning I worked for a couple of hours. I scrubbed the back porch ceiling and walls with the boat brush. It was gross! That was so nice to get done, I kept going and washed the walls downstairs under the house and the outdoor shower. 

We beached it all day on Saturday with the crew then headed back for showers. We had reservations at Oyster Rock. And wouldn't you know it, Molly Anne pulled out her 5th tooth there! She lost her first one there too. Crazy! Happy and excited tears!

A lady came up to her and brought her $5 because she could see how happy and excited Molly Anne was! Isn't that the nicest thing ever?!!!

Down another one and the tooth fairy pulled through with a crazy folded $2 bill. 

Stuffed flounder and au gratin potatoes. Zero calories haha!

After dinner we sat outside and listened to a guy playing the guitar. Super nice vibe out there. I love this picture of Molly Anne. My pretty girlie. 

My dress is from last year but it's this brand

We went over to our friend's house on the way home and hung there until too late. 

Sunday morning I got up early to walk and hang around. We didn't have to rush back which was nice!

Talk soon!

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