Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Hawaii/Resort Packing List

This is a pretty decent list for a 7 day vacation going to a resort. It was mine for Hawaii so sharing here so I always have it and maybe it helps you too? I added notes below too. 

Molly Anne:
-          7 dresses
-          7 little shorts
-          Hair brush and bows
-          5 bathing suits
-          4 pajamas
-          Several cover ups
-          10 underwear
-          3 active outfits
-          Running Shoes and 3 pairs of socks
-          Natives
-          Dressier flops

-          7 nice outfits - polos and shorts
-          5 bathing suits
-          4 pajamas
-          3-4 swim shirts
-          10 underwear
-          7 t-shirts
-          Running Shoes and 3 socks
-          Natives
-          Hey Dudes
-          Decadron - for croup. Always with us. 
-          Hat
-          Should have packed him more shorts for during the days!
-          Children's Chewable motrin, children's Benadryl, flonase, Zofran, Zyrtec, Culterelle tablets - oh yes I want to have anything and everything I need! 
-          Thermometer
-          Sunscreen - one can or tube per day. I put a less than 4 ounce tube and a stick in carry on for day one. 
-          Craft stuff for plane - pipe cleaners were the biggest hit for both of them 
-          Books for MA - got her some new books at Barnes and Noble before we left
-          Things for Grady to do on the plane
-          Empty water bottles - we were so glad to have these. Fill them up after security at the airport!
-          Wipes – 2 packs (must keep one in carry on)
-          Headphones
-          Snacks
-          Packing cubes
-          Tablets and chargers
-          Phone charger
-          iPad and charger
-          Computer, notebook and charger
-          Beach bag - flatten this and put at the bottom of a checked bag
-          Sunglasses
-          Booster seat
-          Air tags - so thankful I had these in our checked luggage. Didn't want to spend the money but well worth it. 
-          Neck pillows - for any flight over 5 hours
-          7 dresses
-          5 bathing suits
-          10 underwear include strapless bra
-          2 pajamas
-          3 cover ups
-          4 nice day outfits
-          4 workout outfits
-          Running shoes and socks
-          7 dressy earrings
-          Two pairs of TB flats - gold and tan
-          New Matisse Beach wedges
-          Straightening iron
-          Curling iron
-          Hair products - I use hair dryer and shampoo/conditioner where we go if it's a nice place 
-          Pool flops
-          TB tan crossbody
-          Lululemon crossbody - didn't use this
-          Any meds
-          Makeup
-          Sunglasses

Kevin does his own packing! ;)

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  1. I always love a good packing list! My oldest and I were traveling with my best friend and her two kiddos earlier this spring and I was BLOWN AWAY by her idea for packing "sundries". Instead of packing them in a pouch of toiletry bag, she used the inside zippered compartment of her suitcase and filled it with all of that sort of stuff - it kept it all pretty flat instead of taking up valuable space with a toiletry bag! I had never seen this before but thought it was a game changer!