Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Hawaii - Big Island - Days 3 and 4

On Thursday we didn’t have a rental car so our plan was to hang around the resort except for some transportation Kevin’s company had set up for dinner. 

After breakfast I went over to the tennis pavilion for a clinic. This is the path over there. 

Rudy was awesome and super helpful and complimentary. The other guy in the clinic was from Cincinnati and was a 4.5 level and left handed. I got worked!! But they were both very kind and it was a great workout. 

We hung by the beach and pool at the hotel a majority of the day. We had lunch from a food truck at the beach. The poke bowl was amazing. 

That evening we took the tour bus shuttle over to the Queens Marketplace to check out some of those shops. Molly Anne loves a shopping adventure and couldn’t decide what she wanted to get with her own money she had brought. 

We had reservations at Sansei Sushi for dinner. This was a special place to us on Maui because we went several times on our honeymoon 10 years ago. We had to go back on the Big Island!

As we remembered it was delish. The shrimp dynamite was so good. 

Molly Anne’s dress is by a brand called BeElizabeth and I got it from Shutterbugs a few months ago. Her headband. Girlfriend loves accessories and to get dressed up! My dress is the always amazing Nap Dress

We went back to the hotel and they have this upper lounge area that was my favorite place to be around 7pm for sunset and after sunset. It was just gorgeous!

Friday morning breakfast 

Kevin and I had massages given to us by his company so we had those after breakfast and Kevin’s parents kept the kids while we did that. They were outside in these little huts with the sound of waterfalls in the background. POG juice is their thing here and it’s sooo good. 

We got the kids then took a rental car down to Kona for the day. We had lunch at The Kona Inn. Be prepared for $35 parking in downtown Kona ha. 

The calamari sandwich and views were worth it!

We came back to the hotel after stopping back by the Queens Marketplace for Molly Anne to pick up what she had decided on to buy - a little pouch of shells and sea glass from a place called SoHa. 

Shaved ice from the deli by the pool!

Jazzed up and ready for our last company event which was a Hawaii experience. 

My dress and shoes. Shoes turned out to be super comfortable and bonus - I didn’t fall! I fall in any shoe but especially ones with heels ha!

Molly Anne got to make a hair piece. They both made bracelets and got tattoos. 

And made these head pieces. 

Grady got to learn how to twirl the fire baton. 

And play the drums. 

She got a henna tattoo

It was our most fun night for sure! Look at Grady. He was DONE!

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