Friday, June 16, 2023

Hawaii - Big Island - Days 7 and 8

On Monday the kids and I went to Juice 101 on the hotel shuttle. They have smoothies, muffins, açaí bowls etc. Best açaí bowl I’ve ever had. 

The orchids at the hotel are unbelievably gorgeous!

They both decided they wanted the same souvenir….this Hawaii dolphin from the hotel gift shop. In general we let them get one souvenir per trip and if they want more than that then they bring their own piggy bank money. Molly Anne brought a little cash and used some of it on a beautiful necklace and the shell/seaglass bag she picked out. Grady doesn’t care about bringing his own money. He’s fine with whatever!! Girls vs boys 

We picked up Kevin then took the hotel shuttle to The Beach Club. It’s for the residents in the area but hotel guests have access to it. It’s just not widely talked about. It is stunning and we are so glad we took a day to go over there. 

We had lunch at the restaurant they have there. 

Another tuna bowl and another mai tai! Surprise surprise. Kevin got a mahi sandwich. 

We came back to the hotel to hit the pool mid afternoon for a bit. 

That night for dinner we met up with Kevin’s parents at a hotel restaurant called Binchotan. Kevin got wagyu to cook on the hot stone for something fun. 

This was our dinner - we did the seafood experience and his parents did the traditional experience. It was SO good. The kids got these amazing bento boxes as well. 

Walking back upstairs to watch the sunset!

Last Hawaii sunset!

It was a wonderful trip and I'm proud of Kevin for working hard to win it. 

Last morning...açaí bowls again. Best I've ever had!

And one last morning at the pool before heading to the airport!

Last strawberry daiquiris for the kiddos. Molly Anne learned how to go to the bar herself, order then close the tab with tip etc. Life skills, ha!

Poke nachos from the restaurant at the airport of all places...they were SO good. 

Goodbye Big Island! Molly Anne got all teary as we took off. Bless her little heart. She gets attached to places. Off to LAX where we ran through the terminal to make our connection at 11:30pm. Good times. 

Red eye was rough as usual but they powered through!

Back to reality!!!

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