Friday, June 2, 2023

Five on Friday

ONE - my friend Laura gave me a gift card for my birthday and I got these earrings with it. Obsessed. They’re fragile, light and stunning. 

TWO - our friends Brad and Shauna grabbed this from
costco and brought it to us. They must have heard us raving about it after Hilary got us some. Maybe we need a Costco membership soley for this pimento cheese? It’s so amazing. 

THREE - this is your reminder to order backpacks if your kids need a new one next year. Got Grady the large Mackenzie from PBK. Molly Anne’s has held up well from PBK. He chose the sharks!

FOUR - I wanted to get a case for Grady’s first game ball and found this for $5 on Amazon with free shipping. It’s not the fanciest piece but it is perfect for Grady’s bookshelf. 

FIVE - flowers at my office building. They’re always so gorgeous in these beds but this caught my eye this week. 

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