Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Big Island of Hawaii Tips

You need a rental car for at least half of the time you’re on the Big Island if you’re staying on a resort. Our hotel had a Hertz. Book it ahead of time. We took this mifold seat to use for Grady (thanks to Hilary for letting me borrow it) and rented a suburban so we had a lot of metal around us. It was very nice not having to haul a booster seat through the airport. 

We flew Charlotte to Phoenix to Kona going. The first leg was 4.5 hours plus an extra hour on the front end for maintenance. The second leg was a good 6.5 hours. Coming back we flew Kona to LA in the afternoon. Then when we got to LA it was 11:30pm and we had a very short layover before a red eye. Red eyes are always very exciting! ;) Not a ton of choice coming back from Hawaii though. The most exciting part was sprinting through the airport to the red eye. 

I honestly probably packed too much for the kiddos to do on the flights. I used these pouches that my friend Sarah had gotten for her girls. They were great to have packed with crafts, pipe cleaners, cards, fidget toys, colored pencils, crayons and more. We also used them to take out to dinner with us a few of the nights. Their tablets were their main source of entertainment on the plane, even without Wi-Fi. They’re super into those for our rides to Ocean Isle so it didn’t surprise me that they were fine with only those. Charged them on the plane for extra juice. Molly Anne and I played a lot of solitaire as well. That’s my favorite airplane game…played it for 15 hours on a flight to China back in the day. 

Looking back we should have done his work trip then extended the other three nights on Maui. Next time! We love Maui probably more than Big Island but glad we saw this island too!

Restaurants and Places of Interest:
Seafood Bar for lunch or dinner (between Kona and Hawi)
Hawi - little town to go walk around and in their shops (north of Kona)
Coffee Shack for breakfast (south of Kona)
Kona Inn for lunch (in Kona)
Pineapples for lunch (in Hilo)
Waimea, HI - such a cute area and wish we could have spent more time here. 
Beach 69 (state park beach between Seafood Bar and Kona)

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