Monday, June 12, 2023

Hawaii - Big Island - Days 1 and 2

Last Tuesday we flew to the Big Island of Hawaii and stayed at the Fairmont Orchid! Kevin won a trip through work and the kids tagged along. Kevin’s parents also came. We extended the trip by a few days as well. 

First up, packing logistics for the kids and I. These packing cubes were my favorite over the Amazon brand. I’ve never used packing cubes before but I liked that they kept me organized. The other big benefit was setting them in the hotel room drawers and our clothes stayed “our clean.” In the large cube I fit three days of dinner outfits for the kids and I. I knew we’d be coming in off the beach and showering before dinner so I did underwear and full outfits for the kids and I. I pre-coordinated the matchy matchy (roughly) and it was so easy to have this part done. Then I used the other cubes for bathing suits, extra Grady clothes and extra Molly Anne clothes etc. I also put some of each in each suitcase so if one got lost, all three of us would be fine for a few days. One suitcase didn’t get on our plane in Charlotte so thankfully all was good! 

These two had a long travel day. 4am wake up call and they didn’t go to bed until 22 hours later due to the 6 hour time change. Grady slept for about an hour on the second plane ride from Phoenix to Kona but that was it. 

Getting checked in!

We immediately got bathing suits on and went to play at the beach and pool!

And his company had a welcome dinner that night. Part of the time change situation is that you have to stay awake that first night so your body learns what time it is. 

I had sooooo much tuna this trip 

Sunsets are incredible!

We were up bright and early but in an effort to get used to the new time and “split the difference” over a couple of days, we let them get up at 5:30am the next morning. 

Early morning walking around the resort before breakfast began. 

While Kevin attended his only meeting, I took the kids to go explore around the tennis courts. They saw basketballs so we played that for awhile.

Ready to beach it. Wednesday we had a rental car and took it north to Hawi to walk around town. 

We then went to a place called Seafood Bar for lunch. It was delish. Highly recommend. 

Then we stopped by a beach called Beach 69. It was a state park that you just park at then walk down this pathway to the most gorgeous beach.

The kids loved this beach because there were so many waves for them to jump in. 

Back to the Fairmont for a luau with Kevin's company. Sunset...

I always think the 2nd night of jetlag is the worse and evidently it was. The adrenaline got us through day one but day two evening was rough after a big day!

More to come!

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  1. How FUN!!! Can't wait to hear more - I have never been to Hawaii but we are planning to visit in a few years for a big birthday my Mom will be celebrating! Share all the tips!