Wednesday, August 18, 2021


We had a wonderful week in Maryland with my parents. At times it has been chaos while I try to work and parent but here we are. Winging it. I always say if I can do those 8 weeks last year when I had both kids and worked, I can do it again. Ha!

Grady at Nannie and Poppa's checking the pond out!

This young man always gets comfortable here. He LOVES being here. 

The best pizza - mushrooms, onions, sausage and sweet peppers!

Molly Anne slept on the top bunk for the first time! Big girl growing right up! She wanted Grady to sleep on the bottom bunk but that didn't happen. He slept in my brother's bedroom. 

On the chair - yikes! 

They've both loved playing the piano over the years!

We always make a stop at the zoo!

Standing like a flamingo.

Grady didn't like the bears or bison too much. Look at him checking them out as he runs down the bridge.

These flakes have been super fun for them to build with this week. They both like them at ages 3 and 6.

Very relaxed while I was on a call. 

Triple trouble.

Lunch at a local spot. Key Lime crushes, cream of crab soup and a shrimp salad sandwich. Deliciousness.

Nannie being a retired teacher and helping Grady with his pencil/crayon grip!

They have been obsessed with the rocket that was launched from Wallops Island, VA. We got to see it as it blasted off to space. We could see the swirly clouds it made in the sky. It was super cool. The kids have loved watching it over and over on Poppa's phone. We had to make a trip to Barnes and Noble to get Grady a book about rockets! Molly Anne picked out a Junie B Jones book about going into First Grade! ;)

The love of a golden right here!

He loves each of them beyond!

It was a wonderful trip as usual! Until next time Nannie and Poppa!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful visit back to MD! I'm not sure if I am just super hungry right now or what, but the pizza in particular looks amazing!!!