Wednesday, June 12, 2024

OIB and MD

Before Kevin and I left OIB, we had sushi for dinner at OIFC on Sunday night. 

Freeman, Grady, Freeman. Not shabby!

View from a drink at Jinks!

Monday morning we drove back to Charlotte with our only child! Since Molly Anne and Grady weren't with us, he rode in the back. Usually he has to be as close to them as possible so he rides in the floor in front of them. I think he was a lot more comfortable. 

Monday afternoon I scooted over to Maryland to spend some time with my parents. It's such an easy flight. Mom and I have walked, I made some meals for them to have when I leave (will share soon), and we got her some new clothes. We also interviewed some caregivers to stay around with her and think we found a good fit! Doesn't she look good all nicely dressed?! 

We even got to go to Fratelli's for dinner. The chicken Alfredo is my very fav! Zero calories!

Talbots try on! Got her hair all done and everything this day. 

I'll be back in Charlotte tomorrow! Quick trip and thankful I can work wherever I am. Chat soon. 

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