Monday, June 3, 2019

Disney Day One - Welcome Party

Whew, we are back from a whirlwind trip to Disney!  This was Molly Anne's first time and it was an absolute blast and super magical for her at almost age 4!  Honestly she is the perfect age for it - very potty trained, easy to travel with, everything is magical, can swing not having a nap, can stay up late, sleeps in a regular bed, hotels are fun to her, she is flexible etc. etc.!  It was so perfect.  

And, we didn't take Grady...honestly taking a 1 year old to Disney in 100 degree heat is not pleasant for him or anyone.  A huge thank you to my in-laws who kept him!  It meant one on one time with Molly Anne and we could do a lot more things for her!  Grady will have his turn too! ;)

I will have 4 days of posts and I'll include my thoughts on things we are glad we did and things we are glad we passed on throughout the posts!

First up, we went with Kevin's company on an incentive trip he won!  We stayed at Disney's Yacht Club which is easily accessible to Epcot and required a bus ride to Magic Kingdom.  Overall the yacht club was nice but for going to Magic Kingdom, which was Molly Anne's highlight, I think we would stay at Polynesian next time for the easy monorail access!  The bus wasn't terrible though but it would have been easier to be on the monorail.  If you love Epcot, Yacht club is your place because you can walk or boat there.

We flew down last Wednesday!  Molly Anne is so easy to fly with.  Maybe it's because she has flown all of her life or maybe because she is easily entertained by asking ALL of the questions about how the plane flies, who is doing what on the plane and watching all of the things.  I had my iPad for backup but she barely watched that.  It was only a little over an hour flight to Orlando so easy peasy. 

We got to the afternoon welcome reception and of course Mickey and Minnie were there!  Molly Anne was SO thrilled!  Nothing like not having to wait a minute to see the head honchos!

After we checked in and got to our room, we changed into swimsuits and hit the pool.  They have a large section of pool that is only 2'6" deep and has sand on the bottom so we camped out there and Molly Anne swam with no puddle jumpers etc.  We didn't even take them with us because she's done so well with swim lessons lately. 

Of course she had to go down the waterslide by herself too.  I caught her at the bottom.  I was semi worried with me going first that she may chicken out (one person at a time on this slide!) but you know those Disney employees are amazing and they said oh we will take care of her and if she decides not to come, we will radio down to tell you to come up.  That was obvi not an issue for Molly Anne, my little dare devil!  She loved it!

We got all cleaned up then headed to the official welcome reception party!  They had a buffet set up for all of the children with all of kid's favorite foods and drinks!  It was cute.  And adults of course had an open bar and nice food too.  A DJ kept everyone entertained and more characters came too! 

Molly Anne danced all night long!  She had the time of her life with the big kids. She was easily the youngest out there by a few years!  So shy haha!

We stood by and laughed watching her! 

Then we walked towards Epcot and could see the Magic Kingdom fireworks!  Molly Anne couldn't believe her eyes!  

It was a magical first day at Disney!  The best was yet to come but this was surely an amazing kick off!

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