Monday, June 10, 2019

Weekend - Carowinds and Two Parties

This weekend we really didn't have any plans other than two birthday parties!  It was a welcomed low key weekend!  

Friday night we went to the club with Kevin's parents.  Grady always loves the buffet for a couple of reasons - one, it's instant food and no waiting.  two, all you can eat.  And this boy definitely ate Molly Anne's fair share.  Grady is still free but there's a charge for Molly Anne.  In our family, it should really be the opposite because Molly Anne barely eats anything!  Too funny.

That night Kevin and I hung on the back porch for awhile.   

Saturday morning I took Molly Anne to Carowinds during Grady's morning nap to activate her Pre-K pass.  If you registered before June 3 and take it to be activated by June 16th, you get a free annual pass to Carowinds (local amusement park).  A good deal!  Oh and I had to buy a season pass but it was nominal for what you get.  

We rode rides for about an hour and a half and had no lines.  This girl loves a rollercoaster like her Daddy.  We left a bit before 11 and it was getting hot and crowded then. 

After naps, I took both kids to a birthday party for one of Molly Anne's classmates at Charlotte Allstars.  It was a great venue!  

We hung with our next door neighbors that night!  

Sunday we had a low key, pajamas all day kind of day.  Grady is into everything now which is honestly so nice.  He loves everything in the playroom and I think I've gotten most of the little pieces put away.  Molly Anne is good at knowing what can't be around for Grady to pick up.  

Kevin put them down for naps and I ran up to see Lochlan smash his cake for his first birthday celebration!  Sweet boy is already one!  He and Grady are exactly 4 weeks apart which is so fun.  

I came home, jumped on my peloton for a quick ride then showered up.  Molly Anne and I went and got Viva Chicken for dinner and that was it.  Easy little Sunday and much needed down time.  

Today we are back at it.  Work, school, Ms. Becky's and Molly Anne has swim lessons every day after work this week and next.  Whew.  I want her SWIMMING though so it's worth it.  Chat soon friends. 

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