Thursday, June 6, 2019

Disney Day Four & Five - Epcot and Farewell Party

On Saturday we woke up and went over to Epcot.  We were there when they opened the park (a few minutes before 9) so we went directly to Norway to meet Elsa and Anna first!  We had 9:20am reservations for the character breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall but knew we wouldn't meet Elsa and Anna there.  My friend Hilary told me I could totally make it over to meet Elsa and Anna before the breakfast and she was spot on!  We even had time to do the Frozen ride before the breakfast.  I knew after breakfast there would be an hour wait for the ride and there was so I'm glad we did it ahead of time!  I think the Frozen ride was extra special for Molly Anne because she knows the movie so well!  

The breakfast was delicious and such a great experience!  Before we sat down, she met Belle!  

She even got to march in the princess parade with Cinderella the first time and Snow White the second time!  Cinderella was extra personable and sweet with Molly Anne!

The International Flower and Garden Festival was going on so everything was so beautiful!

We walked over to the Mission: Space ride and rode that with a fast pass.  It was super cool and I'm glad Molly Anne was down for it!  You got in these small things that made you feel like you were an astronaut and were flying through space and seeing different destinations below you.  She was a tough cookie to do this for sure!  She has been really into space and learning about different planets so I'm glad we got to do this!  Anything STEM related for her, I strongly encourage! ;)

We also stood in line for The Seas with Nemo and Friends and this was cool too.  The wait was inside and air conditioned so that made it nice.  Afterwards, there were large aquariums that we bopped around and Molly Anne loved that too.  

We headed back to the hotel about 12:30pm for nap time.  It had been a longggg day the day before and we were honestly all a bit wiped!

After naps we went to Kevin's work's farewell party where they had a huge convention center set up with arcade games and places to meet characters!  It was awesome. 

She had to be the first to meet Minnie and Mickey!  They were so fun with her!

Evidently the 4 Incredibles are never together so this was a special event!  Soon we will get the official pictures from his company and I'll share those because I'm sure they're better of these particular meetings!

She doesn't look thrilled to meet the Genie but she was!

Then we went and met my parents to go swimming only to be greeted with pouring down rain.  We waited it out in the arcade.  This girl loves some skeeball!

Showing Nannie and Poppa all of her tricks!  She swam until bedtime!

The next morning we came home but first we zipped over to Nannie and Poppa's hotel for breakfast!

We hopped on the bus and cruised to the airport!  She picked out this little Minnie to get and she also found a Mickey t-shirt to give Grady!

She hasn't been without her ears and Minnie this week and she is still beaming from such an amazing trip!  Very magical for our Molly Anne and we LOVED seeing the joy in her eyes!  

Now, when do we get to go back and take Grady with us?!!  

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