Thursday, June 20, 2019

House Turnover and Other

Our tenants moved out of our old house on Saturday after being there for 18 months.  We had to do an overhaul inside and out.  Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Landscaping, Cleaning, Irrigation issues, Carpet Cleaning.  Yep, all of that and in fast motion because we have new folks moving in this weekend.  One week turnaround ain't bad and we have got the place looking spiffy...or it will by Saturday when everything is done. 

Yesterday my buddy and I were going to PT.  He said "tractor" on the way!  His little words are really starting to blossom!  It'll be hard to not compare him to Molly Anne on this because Molly Anne was late on some things but talking was not one of them!

And he fell asleep...this boy always falls asleep when I put on the Lionel Richie Tuskegee album.  I will miss these days of him conked out!

My friend Ashley made this earlier this week and it looked so good so I threw it together for a couple of lunches this week!

They are good at independent play.  Molly Anne could literally spend hours in her playroom.  She loves being home with her toys.  And now Grady is kind of playing with her and if Grady didn't need to be supervised, these two would play all day long.  She is really so sweet with him..most of the time! ;)

Water play at school has been something Molly Anne has really looked forward to each week.  The teachers posted some pictures and I grabbed this one.  Girlfriend loves a waterslide and has zero fear.  They also get popsicles after water play and this was our week to bring them.  She picked out jolly rancher rainbow ones!  Since it has been so hot outside, they haven't been allowed on the playground in the afternoons so the school made some rooms with different themed toys and dress up things.  School has really been such a special place for her and literally the teachers and administration there think of EVERYTHING.  I almost want to go there haha, they have the best time and learn so much.  

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Been pretty busy here with the house flipover and work but I did squeeze in a peloton ride yesterday and that made me feel a bit nicer ha!

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