Friday, June 28, 2019

Five on Friday - Summer Clean Up

I have been on a clean up mission in our house this week.  I bleached all of their bath toys in our laundry room sink.  

Cleaned out Grady's closet of all of the clothes that no longer fit him.  I put them in big rubbermaid bins to sell next season.  I always label the bins and it makes it a million times easier to find what I need.  For each child, I have a bin of "Clothes to Save Forever" and a bin of their monogrammed clothes.  

We are done with all of the baby apparatuses and I'm going to take most of this to a local consignment shop.  I really don't have the energy to deal with selling everything on our local mom's group.  

I cleaned up the water table by adding a little bleach to water and scrubbing it down with a rag.  It's like new again.  I do this at the beginning of each season.  So easy!  Molly Anne was so excited it was out yesterday when she came home.  She went right upstairs and changed into her bathing suit by herself haha. 

Grady was way more interested in the tractor than playing.  He was obsessed.  He watched the guys cut every piece of our grass!

He did like playing in the water table but it'll be easier when he can stand up there by himself!

Molly Anne poured water right over his head!  He didn't care and they both giggled.  Summer fun!

Ready for school!  Grady doesn't stay still anymore so if Molly Anne tries to hold him, he gets mad and screams.  

And tries to get away...per the picture below.  Ha!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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  1. You’ve motivated me to clean and disinfect toys, too. And I do the same with some of their sweet monogrammed clothes that were my favorite: I save them in “their” boxes in the attic for their children one day. I also have a box of their old favorite toys and books; my mom did this and I love that my boys play with my old toys and read my old books!