Monday, July 1, 2019

Summer Weekend

On Friday I skipped out of work early and grabbed Molly Anne and we went to the pool.  Kevin met us over there and surprised Molly Anne with us getting a golf cart!  She was thrilled and they rode home together on it.  I ran and picked up Grady and we just ate at home and hung out.  After the kids went to bed, Kevin and I acted like it was Christmas morning messing with the new ride.  Mills LOVES it and I took him for a ride every night after bedtimes.  

Saturday morning soccer with these girlies.  Water break!

This was his first week of soccer this season because usually he naps during it.  But I put him to bed a little early so he'd be up to go with us.  He was mesmerized watching everyone play!

Molly Anne said, "take our picture mama, we are holding hands!"

After soccer, we had a quick turnaround and went to the pool with our neighbors!  We ended up having such a fun day!  We came home about 1:45 for late naps and chill time.  

Molly Anne and Maggie swam all day.  It's really good for Molly Anne to watch her swim because Mags is such a good swimmer.  Swim team really improved her and Molly Anne wanted to do everything just like Maggie so this was good.  

Grady loves the water.  I dunk him every time we go to the pool just like they taught me at the kiddie swim place with Molly Anne.  "Dunk" doesn't sound very good but basically he swims under for a second or two. This is getting him comfortable in the water in a safe way!

Nap time drink time!

Then we went next door and grilled out and everyone swam some more!  We called it an early night after a big day!

Sunday was Molly Anne's birthday party day!  We kept things very low key all morning so she'd be fresh for her party at 1:30!  More details on that to come!  

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