Sunday, July 7, 2019

July 4th/Molly Anne's Birthday

Last Wednesday, the 3rd, we loaded up and drove down to Pawleys Island.  Molly Anne was excited to spend her birthday there the next day!  As you can see, we were packed to the brim including her presents (one of them covered up with a blue sheet!).  We had to put the pack n play mattress the way it is so Mills wouldn't come see the children constantly.  

He kept Grady up almost the entire drive down because Grady just giggled at Mills the whole time!

July 4th morning view.  Molly Anne's 4th birthday!

Gifts waiting for her!  She saw one of her friends at school had this Ziggle when they had a motor day at school and she's been asking for it since!  It's Radio Flyer so of course it's super cool.  She loves it so much!

Checking everything out!  More Disney Legos!

Unicorn and rainbow decorations!

Pink pancakes!

Ready to go to the Pawleys Parade

It was sooooooo hot.  Grady had to lose his shirt and we were forcing water on him.  All of the kids were running around in their bathing suits.  

On the return, Kevin, Grady and I went together. 

We stopped by the creek beach for Grady's first beach experience and also the first time he said MAMA!!!  Finally!!  Not that he really knows what he meant but I'd like to think he does haha!

I love these pictures of him!

Back at the house we had birthday cupcakes with a special drink after lunch. 

Golden parade on the dock.  Mills runs without a leash there now and he loves it. 

We headed back to the beach and it was crowded.  It was fun!

We had a low key night hanging out downstairs.  It ended up storming terribly so there weren't many fireworks.  They happened the next night though.  More to come.  But Molly Anne had a wonderful birthday!

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