Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Molly Anne's Rainbow and Unicorn Party

Molly Anne's 4th birthday party was on Sunday at My Gym!  I booked it online and someone called me a few days prior to confirm everything.  It was EASY.  

They let you show up about 15 minutes before the party so we had a fast turnaround on setting up.  The people there helped us and I knew exactly what we were going to do since we had been there for Maggie's party.  Basically 4 tablecloths and a few other things and done.  I got the plates, napkins, tablecloths and banner at Target.  

We also had treat bags for the children and they were put together mostly from Target.  In them were Molly Anne's favorite things - swirly straw, unicorn painting sheet, skittles (rainbow candy!), starbursts, bubbles and slap bracelets!  4 year old things haha!

Gee had painted the unicorn rainbow sign for Maggie's party and we got to use it too.  Molly Anne and I went to Publix earlier in the day and picked out balloons!  She chose every color of ribbon attached too!  Since the party was at 1:30pm, I kept it simple with goldfish while they waited for me to cut the cake!  They had juice boxes and waters.  

They had the most fun playing and the instructors do a few games with everyone.  It's a good balance.  

This was the flying unicorn! ;)

Molly Anne's cake was rainbow inside and out and she loved it.  A local lady made it for me.  If you'd like her information, email me or leave a comment here with your email address and I'll send it to you!  Molly Anne put all four candles on herself! 

She looked at me smiling the whole time her friends were singing to her!

She blew all four out at the same time with no problem ha!  I wasn't surprised, she had been talking about that moment for weeks!

This is what Grandparents do...feed little Grady cake! ;)  Then give the child back to their parents!  Haha!  He loved it of course!

Cutting this cake was tricky...you couldn't do a pie shape slice because it was too tall.  The lady who made the cake brought this piece of cardboard to slice it on to.  Then we did vertical slices off of that so everyone got each color of cake.  It's hard to explain but it worked!

The fam

Molly Anne opened all of her presents when we got home and wanted to do them all instantly!

I can't even name favorites but I will say the stomp rockets are not pictured because they were already being used in the driveway.  Haha.  And Cinderella's Castle lego set is on our dining room table because Molly Anne has wanted to do that constantly since she got it.  We are about 1/10 of the way through 585 pieces.  It's soooo good for her to do!  Her Nana and PapaG gave that to her!  Everyone was so kind to give her such special gifts.  She loves everything!  And then loves it some more!

This headband and the glasses has been a big hit too!  You can see her lip is a little large...she fell at her party and it got pretty messed up.  Vaseline is doing the trick now and I hope it's better soon.  It looks pretty rough up close.  Tough girl!

It was a magical birthday party day for our Molly Anne and we'll be celebrating for the next week!  Tomorrow I'll get to read to her class after naptime (and she gets to take in a bag of show and tell items!) and Thursday (July 4th) is her actual birthday so we will celebrate then!  And we will be in Maryland and will celebrate there too!  Big week for our girl!  

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  1. We have a four year old girl's birthday party in a few weeks...now I'm thinking I should get her a stomp rocket???