Monday, July 22, 2019

Pool Weekend

We were at the pool allllll weekend long.  What Summer should be!

On Friday I grabbed the kids, got them changed and sunscreened, packed dinner for them and met Kevin over there at the neighborhood pool.  It was a blast and we stayed extra time because dinner was done for them!  

Grady scooted off the side by himself for the first time!  He loves to swim and he gets dunked every time we go to the pool just like swim school taught me to do for Molly Anne when she was his age!  And over the past two weeks he has learned to hold his breath under water. I use the same words and tone right before i put him under for a second...”reaaaady, go!”  Little Otter Swim School trick.  I took him in the pool a lot last summer when he was itty bitty too.  Gotta like the water in our house ha!  

Saturday morning I took Molly Anne to soccer while Grady napped and Kevin worked.  

Then we did the same drill - packed lunches and got ready for the pool and filled in that 11-1 time that can be tough for my Grady.  I took both kids while Kevin wrapped up work.  Margot was there so the girls got to play together!  Zero pictures. 

After naps, we all went next door to swim and grill out.  I took fresh corn and also squash and zucchini that Molly Anne and I grabbed from the farmers market after soccer.  Drew threw it all on the grill with a bunch of meat they had. Summertime!  

Sunday - Molly Anne had one of her friends birthday parties and it was a swim party at Lifetime Fitness...aka a fancy resort type pool!  They had girls in the pool playing with the children and lifeguards that were actually watching the kids (unlike our pool)! It was so nice.  Grady came too and we did our thing with the other mamas while all of the 4 year olds played!  Brayden’s mom handed out Truly’s over ice to all of us moms that were so refreshing and tasty!  Quite the party for sure!

This was one of the girls that works there swimming around with Molly Anne and one of her friends on her back!  Sorry for the odd pic...I was sitting on a lounge chair feeding Grady lunch making sure he didn’t fall off. 

Came home and put Grady down for nap. Molly Anne and I went over to the hood pool and met a few of our neighbors who were there.  We stayed until about 4 then came home. The four of us went to dinner at Portifinos. 

It was a good, good weekend!  This was at 6:45pm!  The pool wipes her!

Now, back to reality and a productive work week!

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