Monday, July 29, 2019


Friday - 
We played out in the driveway after work and school.

Our neighbors saw us out there and came to hang on their way back from dinner!

Saturday - 
Grady was up a lot on Friday night not feeling good.  At 4am he was burning up so I gave him some motrin and he went back to sleep. 

Kevin took Molly Anne to her friend's birthday party and I kept Grady and gave him some extra TLC.  It's amazing what I can do when I only have Grady.  He learned some words, kept his milk on his tray and used a spoon.  He also took a 4 hour nap that morning trying to sleep the crud out. 

Grady was much better that afternoon after the nap so we went on with our plans to go to a concert that night.  I feel like one other time Grady got sick on the same day we had a concert...ya know a concert that we bought crazy tickets too and wouldn't have been able to resell.  Poor buddy though.  And we had Jacquie staying with them and she's the best ever so I felt comfortable leaving him.  Probably wouldn't have if he wasn't feeling better and if Jacquie wasn't there that night.  

Ubering up to the concert...I'll post more about the concert soon.  PS - my paper-bag shorts are 40% today! 

Sunday - 
Grady was a new little boy after a good nights rest.  We fixed breakfast, played and then I made these sliders on Hawaiian rolls for the pool.  Thank you Margot for the great idea.  I did two with pimento cheese, three with PB&J and one with turkey and honey mustard.  

We were the only ones there.  It always provides for a good afternoon nap and we were only there for a little over an hour ha!  

I fit a Peloton ride in during nap, got my hair washed and dried and did some laundry and other chores around the house. 

The kids slept until 4:15pm yikes!  We ended up going out for mexican at a new place called Margaritas and it was really good.  Kevin and I split the steak and shrimp fajitas, highly recommend.  Grady went to town on some quesadillas and of course Molly Anne ate half of a chicken nugget at a mexican restaurant.  

Oh I forgot to mention that poor Grady is also getting two bottom teeth right now so he will have 8 soon.  He is a drooling machine!  I sent an extra shirt with him to Becky's today!

They love their puppy!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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