Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

It really hasn't felt like a crazy week but I've had a lot going on in addition to a bunch of work stuff.  

1. We have a tree at our new house that died and needs to be cut down and another dead one at our old house so I've been trying to get our tree guy over to get an estimate.  The one we got last week isn't going to work ha.  Not fun money to spend!

2.  I registered Molly Anne for gymnastics starting in August.  She's going to be obsessed.  She's been asking for awhile to do gymnastics and I know she's going to love this.  We even brought back my gymnastics mat from when I was little and that's currently between our kitchen and den.  Keeping it classy. 

3.  Kevin and decided that it's finally time to get shelves built in his workshop in our garage.  So  I have a call into our trim guy to get that done.  

4.  My parents gave us a chair that was my mom's grandmother so I'm the fourth generation to have it but I need to pick out some fabric and have it recovered.  We brought it back last weekend from Maryland.

5.  Wrapping up a few things with our old house and the new renters that are in there.  They are incredibly kind and I'm so happy to have them!

6.   Yesterday I ordered Oh The Places You’ll Go for Grady to have.  It's currently $10.99 on Amazon.  I started the tradition with Molly Anne when Ms. Becky wrote her the sweetest note and this year I'll have her current teachers sign it.  Grady needed one for Ms. Becky to sign before he moves to Molly Anne's school!

7.   I need to get my tail in gear and sort out kid's fall clothes to figure out what I’m going to donate, sell or keep.  And Grady needs basically an entirely new wardrobe.  

8.  On Monday, I took a bunch of baby stuff to a friend of a friend for her surprise 3rd baby. Win win for both of us!  She will get use out of it and I got to get it out of our house!  The rest of our stuff went to our cleaning ladies and they were so thrilled.  I had soooo many clothes of Grady's with tags still on them that they were so happy to have.  He grew so fast!

9.  Took Grady to PT this morning and he has to get inserts in his tennis shoes.  I'm kinda bent out of shape about it but I know it'll help him.  I'm just trying to keep it simple in my head and not get crazy over it. 

10.  Kevin and I had a fun little night last night.  We got a JBL speaker on Prime Day and it works perfectly in our golf cart.  We hung out in the garage, caught up about a few things with the house and drank some beverages.  I took the golf cart for a spin with Mills, then again to a neighbor's house that they're building and again to Margot's!

That's it for now!  Chat soon!

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  1. You are so doing the right thing with the shoe inserts. So, my right foot turns in a little bit, so I walk and run a little off (no one ever notices except physical therapists.) Anyway, because of this, I have a really bad knees. I often think that if my parents would have taken care of it when I was just starting to walk, I wouldn't have the issues I have now. I wish they would have!
    And we just had to get a tree cut down in our rental and it is NOT fun money. You are so right.