Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Last Week

Wanted to post some pictures from last week.  Nothing exciting.  

This marks the first time Grady has ever WATCHED tv haha.  We had to document it because sometimes I'd like this boy to stay still and watch a little Mickey like his sister did!  This was Baby First TV and lasted about 10 minutes and hasn't happened since.  

This queen has been on top of her game recently...minus a little time at the pool on Saturday.  But she recovered after a good nap!

Girl's night out last Thursday with my friends from Molly Anne's class!  I'm thankful for their friendships and have really enjoyed hanging out with them.  All of our children are about to swap classes and won't be all together anymore but we are still going to get together!  This particular night we were at Jen's house and we were talking talking talking and looked up and it was 11:45pm!!

This little bubba has his puppy underneath him.  There's another of the same one in his crib and I'm trying to get him to love on that one too so he likes taking it to school with him in August!  And bunny which my parents gave him when we were up there a couple of weeks ago.  He loves bunny and plays with his floppy ears!

Sunshine on a Friday morning.  She got herself dressed and told me she wanted to have a pony tail that day!  

Yesterday morning she told me that pig tails would be a great idea for her hair!  Ha! 

Love my days with these two.  Last summer I was off all summer for maternity leave so being in the real world this summer has had its cons...and pros haha!  These are the days!!

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