Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rest of Maryland

I cannot handle this boy...the sweetest and cutest. He learned how to blow me kisses on our way to the beach and he kisses the top of his thumb then pulls his hand out my way!  Yes it’s so adorable and i need to video it ASAP. 

Friday midday Kevin flew into town to hang with us for the weekend!!  After naps, we drove down to the boardwalk in Ocean City so Molly Anne could ride rides!

This is Poppa and Molly Anne’s special ride. Well so is tilt a whirl now because Dad and I have always ridden that one together!

Kevin and she on the Merry Mixer!

Nannie kept track of Grady and how he was doing!  He LOVED watching Molly Anne on the rides although you can’t tell in the below pic. He loves watching all of the action!

That’s Molly Anne all of the way up there!  She has zero fear.

Tilt a whirl!

Good times in the arcade where we grew up playing skee ball!

We ate dinner at Dough Roller then our neighbors showed up and we got to hang with them for a bit and they took this picture of the whole crew!

Laura Leigh, Molly Anne and I went on the big Ferris wheel. Such an amazing view. 

Gorgeous sunset and such a fun time!  This was on the drive back home!

Saturday we really didn’t do much!  It was much needed!  

They are both so comfortable at my parent’s house. Molly Anne makes herself right at home the instant she walks in there. Grady was so happy the entire time!  Ahhh just makes me so happy!

Molly Anne loves their pond and the two fish that we got back in April are still alive - Goldie and Tag Along are their names. 

Saturday night after they were in bed, my Dad and I did a blind gin tasting!  It was so fun.  Bombay was our favorite. Rangpur Tanqueray was second, then regular Tanqueray then the Irish Gin!  

The four of us drove back on Sunday and it was nice to have the extra set of hands with Kevin being with us!  It still took 10.5 hours...such a long day but so worth it!  We survived ha!

Until next time.!


  1. Looks like such a fun time! I know the feeling of being so happy when your kid(s) feel right at home at the house you grew up in - it's the best!

  2. I love seeing my kids with my parents in my hometown. It's so special! (And always makes me wish we could move there!)