Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Question and What's on the Menu This Week

What do you all like reading about here?  What we've been up to?  Menus?  Clothes?  Kids stuff?  Any ideas are much appreciated.  You all know I'm basically an open book within reason so I'd love some ideas of posts you'd like to read!


Menu this week...
1.  Sunday - we went out
2.  Monday - leftovers from Sunday's dinner
3.  Tuesday - this quiche except no crust and used cheddar instead of Gruyere because I didn't have any
4.  Wednesday - this Zucchini Ziti (no noodles!)
5.  Thursday - Honey Shrimp Bowls
6.  Friday - leftovers
7.  Saturday - out


  1. I like how you blog. I like how you blog about your life, work, being a parent, being a wife, daughter, sister, friend. Love how you love your family.

  2. I really like all the topics you mentioned. You are one of the few original bloggers left!! I appreciate your straightforwardness - and not using this format only to make a profit. Keep it up!!!

  3. I enjoy just your daily life posts, and recipes!

  4. As a working mom of two, I'd love to know more about how you balance life and work. I love reading about your family because our girls are almost the same age and Grady is just a few months older than my boy!

  5. i'd love to see how you keep yourself organized! You're juggling so much and I'm curious if you've found a great system at work and home! Love your blog :)

  6. That honey shrimp recipe sounds delicious, and I also need to try your quiche recipe one of these days! I enjoy reading your blog because it's a catalog of what you've been up to!

  7. I enjoy the day in the life posts. I think its great to see how you balance being a full time mom and a full time employee outside of the home! I can also see how much you love and prioritize your family! Do you mind me asking what interventions you have used for your little boy because it does seem a little strange that he isn't crawling/talking yet but my niece was much the same and because of early intervention with the state she was able to progress out of therapy by the time she started school last year! Let me know if I can provide any advice! :)