Friday, July 26, 2019

Five on Friday

This sweet boy laid on me one night this week while we sang songs before bed.  I kept singing and singing and never wanted it to end!

Molly Anne's white bows have been looking rough so I decided to put them in a lingerie bag and throw them in the washer.  They came out looking brand new.  I let them air dry. 

I talked to my Matron of Honor for over an hour one night this week and it was good for the soul.  She lives in Raleigh and I miss her so much. 

Got to have drinks and dinner with my friend Lindsey who was in town from Dallas this week.  You all may remember if I ever stay in Dallas for work, I always try to see her.  It was fun to have her here this time!  We had a glass of wine at Barcelona, dinner at Zeppelin and a drink at Fahrenheit with her hubby who also was in town!

Molly Anne, Mills and I went to an assisted living place that one of my friend's Mom lives in for a little event called Yappy Hour!  It was to bring your dog so the residents could pet some puppies and a dog toy drive.  It was a good learning experience for Molly Anne in a lot of ways....starting with going to Target earlier in the week and not getting anything for her or us...only getting dog toys to donate (I did it like this specifically).  And then learning about an assisted living place and serving other people even in this tiny way.  I told her beforehand what to expect and some ideas on talking to the older folks and she did so great and I think she really brightened their days!  And then there was Mills haha who was a little crazy but they all told us about their dogs they used to have.  It was so cute and a great experience for all of us.  

Lindsey and her hubby ended up coming over last night and hanging out with us.  It was such a treat for Kevin and I.  We really love them and it's always so nice to have another couple that you just click with.  Wish yall lived closer but loved spending time together this week!!!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  

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