Friday, July 12, 2019

This Week in Maryland

The three of us drove up to Maryland.  It took 10 hours and 45 minutes.  Grady is at kind of a tough age to travel with because he won’t watch an iPad, doesn’t sleep all day anymore and he just wants to get out and crawl everywhere.  He did fine though in general.  Molly Anne is easy peasy to travel with and actually really helps me with Grady. 

My parents had put up a princess birthday banner and gotten a cake for Molly Anne’s birthday!  It was cute and she loved it all!  

She loved the Princess Ariel headband. 

My parents gave her a bunch of LEGO sets and an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet!  We’ve already done the LEGO’s and she’s obsessed with the tablet!

We brought the stomp rocket with us and she has loved showing everyone how it works!

Grady bubba chilling at Nannie and Poppa’s!

Cake for snack ;)

Rapunzel has done a lot of scooting around the hood.  

Dad picked up carry out from Old Mill and we picked crabs after the kids went to bed!  Always fun and the easiest way to do it these days.  There’s no way I’m taking them to a crab house with loads of old bay everywhere and having to sit for two hours while we pick haha. 

We went to a local gym for their open gym hour after Grady’s morning nap and they both had the best time and took 3+ hour naps that afternoon. 

For dinner we went to a local pizza place that we grew up going to. They have the same decorations as when we went!

Watering plants with Nannie after dinner. 

We went to the zoo!  It was hot!  But they both loved all of the animals!  The bears and monkeys were probably their favorite. 

After the zoo we went to lunch and met Poppa. Grady loves cream of crab soup!  Smart boy!

After an early dinner we went to a local ice cream shop where my cousin Jenni came to see us for a few!  

And we played field hockey!

I’ll post about the weekend after I get my act together back in Charlotte!


  1. What a fun time! It looks like a really special visit with your parents!

  2. Another field hockey girl! Love it!!