Thursday, July 4, 2019

Molly Anne is Four!

Molly Anne turns 4 today!  A firecracker from the start!

Oh goodness, where do I even start?!!  Molly Anne is so much fun.  She is full of life and personality and has never met a stranger. 

1.  She is big into telling everyone that she loves them.  The guy that cuts her hair, her friends at school, teachers she sees in the hallway, the guy that cuts our grass, everyone.  She told our cleaning ladies the other day, "Thank you for cleaning our house" in this super sweet voice.  Everyone melts when she says these nice things!

2.  She wants to be a big girl so badly.  She (oddly enough) is a little follower but it's surprising because she doesn't have a shy bone in her body.  She will go up to a group of girls or boys at the pool and say, "Hi I'm Molly Anne, what's your name?"  And she will play with them, no matter how much older they are! 

3.  In a 10 minute drive the other day she asked me about the concrete truck we saw, we talked in more detail about the water tower and she said oh that's where Daddy and I got dinner for us the other night.  She wants to know about IT ALL.  Allllll of the questions.  And technical questions too.  

4.  Speaking of being technical - she loves building things with magnatiles.  Now she is into legos.  BIG into legos.  She loves little pieces to anything.  She honestly probably doesn't use 75% of the toys in her playroom because she gets so focused on doing these technical things.  She tells me now that she's going to go to NC State, be an engineer then be a mommy.  Wonder where she got that from! 

5.  She is soooo good with Grady and talks to him in this baby voice sometimes.  It's adorable.  She idolizes him and the feeling is mutual.  I hope they grow up to be good friends and after they each have their own families, I hope they get together often.  

6.  She wants to wear a dress every day of the week.  Or a skirt.  Anything that twirls.  She isn't shy to say, "I look gorgeous" after I do her hair and she's dressed for the day.  I hope she always has that confidence.  

7.  She is very into rainbows, unicorns, hearts and stars.  She draws a heart on everything.  

8.  I find her repeating a lot of what I say.  I tell Mills bye when we leave the house and the other day she said, "bye bubba, we will be back soon" and that's evidently what I say every day.  She even says it in the same tones I do.  She's always listening!

9.  As far as schedule, she wakes up about 7am every day.  She takes a nap at school from 1-3 because they still make them do that.  Sometimes she sleeps and sometimes she doesn't.  On the weekends, she will usually sleep one of the weekend afternoons depending on what's going on.  A lot of time I still make her go lay in bed and try to fall asleep for a couple of hours.  She needs the downtime because she goes so hard all day every day.  She does to bed at 7pm every night.  

10.  Her memory is unbelievable which she definitely gets from Kevin.  She remembers things from months ago.  And itty bitty details, she remembers.  It's unreal!

11.  Molly Anne loves everything.  Like everything.  There is nothing she won't play with.  Everything is exciting to her.  You should have seen her opening gifts from her friends after her party - she loved it all!  She barely watches TV or my iPad because she is busy doing all of the things.  She will play in her playroom for hours on end and I don't hear from her.  It's wild!  I make her play her little preschool learning games on my iPad for an hour or so on the weekends just to have some down time!

12.  She is very interested in learning how to read.  She can read some books already but the very basic ones and still asks me for help on certain words.  She reads song titles in my car and that's kind of how she's learned.  And we read 3 books every night.  But she's really showing interest in it so we are working on it a bit.  She also loves adding numbers together and can do most addition with numbers 1-10.  She can write all of the letters lower and uppercase pretty well.  I still help her on G's and maybe a couple other letters.  Working on writing numbers better now.  

13.  She asked for Princess Lipstick for her birthday.  Oh my. 

We love her dearly and look forward to watching her grow this coming year.  I honestly think she could go to Kindergarten this year so she's going to be extra ready come next August!  We can't wait to watch her blossom even more.  

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  1. Sweet girl! She sounds SO much like Walker it’s uncanny. I hope she has a great birthday!