Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Donuts for Dad

Last Thursday in Molly Anne’s class, they had Donuts for Dad at drop off!  Molly Anne was extra excited to have her Daddy there with her!  The two of them leaving to go was so sweet!  She loves her Daddy something fierce and their relationship has really grown even more since Grady was born!

She had made all of these crafts in the week before. 

These are always my favorite! 

Toy store = Target ;)


  1. They must spend a lot of time at the toy store. Hahaha! I love those questionnaires, the answers are always so funny.

  2. I love these! So sweet and funny to see what sticks out in their minds.

    I don't think Blogger was actually posting any of the comments I try and share using my phone - hopefully this works!