Monday, April 19, 2021

Weekend Outside

We were outside allllll weekend!

Starting Friday after school/work. I took the lock off of Grady’s tractor that lets it go faster and that boy couldn’t stop grinning and smiling! It was adorable! It’s so fast now!

We ended up ordering some 521 BBQ from Uber Eats because we got lazy!

We played with lots of neighbors!

Then I put the kids to bed and Kevin stayed with them while I went back to Jen’s house to hang in the driveway for another hour. 

On Saturday Molly Anne played tennis in the morning then we played outside all afternoon. Some other neighborhood kiddos rode their bikes over when they saw our kids out back with the girls from next door! I love that about the hood!

Then we got cleaned up and met Kevin’s parents at the club for dinner on the patio. It was a gorgeous night. There was actually a wedding going on and Molly Anne was enamored with watching them take bridal party pictures. It was so cute. After dinner the kids went to bed and we hung with our neighbors by the fire for awhile. Good times!

Sunday morning I took the kids to get Dunkin then Grady and I went to Lowes to pick out some flowers for the back porch. He LOVED this whole process! 

Hilary and I must have been on the same page because we were both out there planting so all of the kids played outside too. They ended up playing outside for 6 hours!!  They ate lunch outside that Kevin made them, we scrubbed our porches, and got things tidied up!

They all played so hard. The four of us just kinda hung later in the afternoon then the guys went to get dinner for us. 

We ended the weekend by taking the girls up to the clubhouse to get fitted for swim team bathing suits. 

It was a fun weekend outdoors and we are ready for a good rain so this pollen goes away!! 

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