Thursday, April 15, 2021


I have some randoms for you today!

I was surprised with this hat on Monday! A family member of someone at my office was playing at the Masters and brought back hats for everyone! So nice!

Two goofballs at dance on Tuesday!

Double trouble! This was the day that Molly Anne told Kevin that she and Grady were getting married and they had a little ceremony on our front steps. 

We took the kids out to dinner at Burtons last night and it was sooooo good! Could it be possible that we can go out to dinner at a nice place with the kids and they act like normal humans? We are getting there and it’s so refreshing! 

A drink from the master mixologist Nina of @drinkmoorecocktails = perfection!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. We LOVE Burton's with or without kids (but they do offer an amazing kids menu)! We are actually going there on Mother's Day ;)