Friday, April 30, 2021

Five on Friday

On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week while Grady ate breakfast, I prepped dinner for that night. I felt like I was big time winning when dinner time came around after being at work all day. On Monday I marinated chicken breasts in zesty italian dressing and sliced some zucchini and squash and put parmesan, salt pepper and olive oil on those. I grilled while the kids played outside and Molly Anne asked if we could sit outside for dinner - great idea so we did! 

2. These books have been favorites of Grady's this week. I don't know who gave us The Little Sailboat book (usually I write in every book we receive) but it is SO cute. 

3. Two goofballs on the big swing one night after dinner this week. This is the one we have and our tree guy hung it. It took him two seconds and he tied some fancy knots and done. He happened to be there for some other stuff so it worked out. 

4. Grady and I took Molly Anne and Ella to school yesterday! Molly Anne has PE on Thursdays so dresses like sporty spice!

5. Grady and his new little girlfriend during swim class the other day! Learning how to not jump into a canal or any body of water unsupervised. I'm up A LOT at night worrying about this for this summer at the neighborhood pool and at the beach house. Putting him in swim class a few months ago has helped my crazy about it. Plus, we tell him there are sharks in all of the water at the beach....we can get him over that later when he knows how to swim! ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

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