Thursday, April 22, 2021

Busy Week

Hello friends. I’m always busy but this week I feel spastic. My work is wild and we are now possibly looking for two people to help. Balancing work, kids, husband, life. Like whoa. Not doing well with it all. 

Here are some things...

My parents sent the kids these huge beach towels and they love them! Such a fun treat. They're already packed for our next trip to the beach. 

She's back onto her sleep mask as of this week. So cute! She doesn't need it to sleep but she just thinks it's fun. 

Match Match!  Grady loves to match his daddy and I had no idea they had shirts that were so similar but this was cute yesterday. Grady had his on first and Kevin put his on because he knows how much Grady loves it!

We had a special adventure planned for Wednesday after school and when we showed up, the place was closed. They were SO bummed but it was made better by me finally saying yes to getting ice cream. I alwaysssss say no to this!

Last night I went with some co-workers to take a client out for dinner at Steak 48. It's a new restaurant in the Southpark area and WHOA was it good. It felt like a Vegas meal because we ordered two very nice bottles of wine, a seafood tower, three appetizers, steaks, four sides and three desserts...for four people. HA!  It was a four hour dinner and a super fun time. I missed all of bath and bedtime routine and I can't tell you the last time that happened! It was a treat to not be involved for one night!!

Hope eveyrone is having a good week! I'm hoping the rain coming on Saturday makes all of our pollen disappear!

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