Friday, April 9, 2021

Beach - Dad’s Birthday and Grady’s First Fish

We’ve had the most fun at the beach this week! Here are some glimpses into our Spring Break!

On Monday we went to the beach after nap and I certainly didn’t think they’d get in because the water is freezing. Joke was on me! Molly Anne is holding a seashell collecting bag that I got from a local gal in CLT that does it for a Moms FB group. Grady has a green one. 

Oysters on the grill!  Our friends stopped by on their boat right as these were coming off the grill so it was perfect timing!

And Dad made the best grouper! We had it over a salad for dinner. 

Back porch sitting with Dad! Look at that reflection!

Tuesday morning the kids and I took Mills to the beach to get him more accustomed to running wild off his leash and coming to me. He was a good boy! They scooted over there so that’s why they have their helmets on. 

We decided to have a morning adventure and drive about 30 minutes to Holden Beach to check out that playground and have lunch at Provisions. 

After nap, we met up with Brittany and Kendall who happened to be here the same week! Cousins!

All cleaned up after their outdoor shower!

That night Dad made shrimp and bacon wrapped scallops! We had some green beans and cantaloupe on the side.

Wednesday was Dad’s birthday! We attempted to decorate with some balloons, a banner that kept falling and lots of cards! The kids loved giving him his gifts!

Another walk to the beach!

Then a big beach day with all of our friends!  While we were on the beach, Mom and Dad went to Lowes to pick up some stuff for the house and then to Sharkys for a bday lunch!

After naps we hung out and then got ready for the big birthday dinner at Jinks Creek! It was delicious. Dad and I got the crab imperial stuffed flounder and it was unreal. The kids loved their cheeseburger and grilled cheese. Mom got the crab cakes which were also good!

View from the restaurant!

We took the golf cart from dinner and over to our friends house to have cake! I had a cake made from a local bakery (SweetcakesTBC) and it was so good - devils food cake with white icing - his favorite! The candles kept blowing out with the wind so that was funny. 

Porch swinging

Thursday we didn’t do much. Played recovery day and let the kids have some screen time and lay low. Don’t they look so cute in their life jackets?!

After our dinner of more grouper and also mahi mahi this time, we headed over to our other friend’s house to hang out. 

And Grady caught his first fish with Mr. Steve! It was their first cast and look at that!

Running away from the fish and up to tell me about it!

So we went back down for a fish picture!

Here fishy fishy!! 

So much fun!! All special moments and memories!

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