Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Girl’s Night and Flowers

Last night I went out with the moms from Molly Anne’s 3’s class. We’ve been going out every month for years now. During the height of covid we did zoom calls instead. I always feel so refreshed after a night with these girls. We are all different which I love but similar at the same time. It’s a great group. Here’s a pic of three of us that we took to send to another friend!

Evidently my children were not so good and were fighting over who had which stuffed animal for their bed. It was all over two golden retriever stuffed animals named Char Char and who gets what. Geez!!! I can imagine who was the ring leader was!

Figured I should post pics of the few flowers I planted with Grady before they all die! I have a black thumb. They’re so pretty and I love having them! 

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