Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Eve

Happy Easter Monday! Any other companies closed today? Ours is always closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. So nice. 

Hope everyone had a nice Easter with their family! We hopped in the car on Thursday afternoon and came to the beach. We got into town in time to have dinner at Pelicans then headed home to get a good night of sleep. My parents were arriving the next day!

That night we had cocktail hour when they arrived then headed to Sharkys for dinner which is always a good time! It was a pretty night on the water but cold!

Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs and used the marker machine on them too!

Then we headed to the playground and museum because the town was hosting a family fun day!

My friend from college Suz comes to OIB to see her family so we got to see she and her children too! 

Grady’s fav part of the family day!

After nap my parents and I took Grady to the boat ramp to watch the boats which is what he asked to do! “Watch boats!”

While Kevin did the beach with Molly Anne which is what she wanted to do!

Of course we had to stop at Ocean Isle Fish Company for a drink and some sightseeing too!

We stopped at Sheffields on the way home and Dad got fresh shrimp and a crab trap! This picture cracks me up!  Don’t worry, we have seatbelts on this golf cart so Grady is all buckled in! 

We went back and then decided to go to Sunset Slush so the kids could have a treat!

Our treat = Orange Crushes with vodka that Dad brought from Ocean City! Yum! 

We hung on the porch and the kids played. 

So sweet. 

We grilled some burgers and shrimp with asparagus and fries for an easy dinner! 

Kevin and I snuck out after dinner and rode down to Suz’s family’s home to hang out and see her parents, Aunt and grandfather! I hadn’t seen them in so long and it was wonderful to catch up!

Next up, Easter!

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