Friday, April 16, 2021

Five on Friday

Today I'm sitting at the Toyota dealership getting the alignment in my car fixed. I had taken it to a nearby Goodyear last summer and it has not been right since. Yes, I took it back there a second time and it still isn't right. I guess my bus is too big for their machines.

We finally ordered some curtains for our dining room and kitchen! After building a house, we were a bit done with decisions so yes it took 3 years to decide about these. Anyway, my friend Ashley owns Martha & Ash with her Mom and they make beautiful drapery! They sent me a bunch of samples after I had sent her pictures and measurements of the windows etc. It was so easy to order "online" with her and I highly recommend! I still need to hang the kitchen but here is the dining room (which I need to steam!)!



They have a navy band along them and are linen. So pretty and classic!

I needed some snacks at work and Kevin sent me with his trail mix that he lives on that I had never tried before.'s so good! Wal-Mart!

I was doing laundry the other night and it reminded me to send a picture of this Honey Bee Tees to my friend Brittany because she and I had been talking about what a great company they are. I love the quality of their boys t-shirts and they're cool and comfortable. 

J.Crew is stepping up their game a bit these days I think! How cute is this bathing suit for Molly Anne?!

These pajamas for Grady are so fun. I know I already posted about them but they’re even cuter in person! 

Happy Weekend! Molly Anne is wrapping up her first full week of in person school whoop whoop!!

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