Sunday, April 4, 2021

Five on Friday

This sweet boy has been loving swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics with Ms. Deborah. The last two weeks he's been the only one in his class so that's been a big bonus. She's really been working with him on if he falls in then he turns back to the wall.  And also helping him learn to float. Things we really need him to know with having a house on a canal now. I've spent countless hours awake in the middle of the night worrying about all of that. We are doing swim lessons and also will be installing a fence in the backyard to hopefully deter a dip. We have talked A LOT about it as well...but not too much that he's overly interested in finding out.  It's a fine line. And it terrifies me.

This week as usual I've had to squeeze exercise in as I can. On Tuesday I did a 20 min run while Molly Anne was at jazz.  I just ran from that parking lot through a nearby neighborhood.  Then after the kids got in bed, I fit in 10 minutes of arms.  Then went to walk for an hour through our hood with a friend.  We walk pretty fast and there are lots of hills so it's always a good "workout!" And no, I don’t spend 90 minutes a day working out. Typically it’s 0 or 30 min but the nights I walk with Jen it always seems like a lot!

Think he likes Little Bites? He brought up the Sams Club box to inform us that is what he wanted for breakfast. I know it's not the healthiest but they don't eat them every day and sometimes we have no choice but a very fast breakfast. Real life.

My foundation for the winter is significantly too light to wear during the summer.  I knew this from last year but did nothing about it because we didn't go anywhere last summer.  This year I wanted to remedy that so I scooted over to Sephora during my lunch hour on Wednesday and grabbed the Light Medium color. They color matched me and it is perfect. My winter color is their lightest - Fair. 

This little boy snuggle right up to me after dinner one night this week. It just made my heart melt. 

And one more...Grady lovessss walking Mills in the afternoons! And this day Molly Anne came with us before her dance class!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family!

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