Friday, April 23, 2021

Five on Friday

My friend Nina recently told me about cara oranges. I don’t know where I’ve been but I grabbed a bag last week at Teeter and they are SO good. Highly recommend!  My kids have been downing the honey crisp apples (I always have washed fruit in the fridge easily accessible or try to at least!). 

I wanted to grab a gift for a dear friend this week and I had my eye on another store but then bopped into the Lululemon pop up store and found this hat that she needed! ;)  The camo seemed perfect for her...she can rock that sort of thing and I know she wears hats! For friends gifts that our my age, I always try to get them something they want or would be fun to have, but wouldn’t buy themselves. Well as I type that out I guess that’s the point of a gift but you know what I mean. There are no surprises for Moms anymore so that’s what I was sorta aiming to do. 

I ordered Molly Anne some Boden clothes this week. She’s just in this odd 6-7 size and the girls clothes really change at that point. Boden wears well over time and some of it I like. She picked out this skort and I think it’s going to be so cute on her. She will still wear whatever I lay out for her thank goodness. I let her pick out her school outfits sometimes but it’s mostly me putting them on her floor so she can easily get dressed at 6:30am by herself. What to wear has never been a big argument in our house but don’t worry we have many others!!

These are my children two years ago. They’ve both changed a lot but y’all please look at Grady!!! He’s a different child now!! It’s unreal. 

Every single morning when I wake up exhausted I’m like, “I must go to bed earlier tonight! No later then 9pm.” Then it becomes 9:30 then 10 and I’m toast. It’s a never ending cycle. That and I have got to quit drinking so much water after 7pm. It’s making me get up once or twice a night and it’s killing me! Will keep trying but you’d think I know by now!!! I even tell Molly Anne the same things ha!!

Have a great weekend!!

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