Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend with Neighbors

On Friday after school I took the kids to Dish It Out to do a couple of little pottery projects. They had the best time and the lady that was helping us was amazinggg! I am going to take them back this summer because Molly Anne loved it. I don’t think Grady’s attention span is ready for it very often yet but he had fun while we were there ha!

We were playing on the driveway and some neighbor friends stopped by and that turned into Dominos pizza and a late bedtime... fun was had by all! Five kids and chaos! 

Saturday morning we had a neighborhood yard sale that we did before the rain came in. We made a little under $100 but we got a bunch of stuff out of our house that we didn’t need. 

Greer hung with Molly Anne and those two played for hours together. I didn’t hear from them until I called them for lunch! We ended up hanging with our next door neighbors the rest of the day until our dinner plans that night. It was way too fun. I have no idea how we survived going to dinner but we did. 

I love this pic of Kevin and my friend Jen who I walk with. We went to The Palm for a delish dinner but our reservations weren’t until 8:30 so it was a late night! 

We had a great time and it was good to have a real meal. After eating huge steak dinners twice this past week, I need to get down with some greenery!! It’s always so good to get out with great friends though!

On Sunday I did some speed cleaning and cleaning up in the house and then we got to go to Greer’s 5th Birthday party! Hilary got a huge bounce house/slide and it was a blast for those kids! I still can’t believe Greer is 5! We were just at her 1st birthday party!!!

Little daredevil on this thing! She flew down it every time!

Grady likely weighs more than sweet Greer. Two years difference in these two almost to the day. 

Grady joined the fun after his three hour nap! 

Of course he loved it too!

Sweet little children saying goodnight to each other! xo

Happy Monday to you!  Here’s to a wonderful week!

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